6 Things to do in Riding Mountain National Park

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For many years, Riding Mountain National Park has been catering to the recreational needs of tourists and residents. The park witnesses an influx of visitors all year round who troop in to partake in various activities and adventures. With a diverse natural ecosystem comprising of grasslands, forests and numerous lakes and streams, Riding Mountain National Park is filled with a wide spectrum of trees and animals. From paddling on lakes to exploring the 400km of trails on foot, bike or horseback, visitors have a lot in store for them to enjoy at the park. Find out what Riding Mountain National Park has to offer its visitors in this article.

Here’s a list of things you could do in Riding Mountain National Park:

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1. Hit the Snow in Winter

If you love outdoor adventure during the winter season, Riding Mountain National Park has a range of recreational activities and adventures for you to enjoy. When it snows, the park transforms to provide visitors with opportunities to enjoy groomed cross-country ski trails of varying abilities, go fat biking on any of the winter trails, or engage in snowshoeing to explore the special nooks of Riding Mountain National Park. If you enjoy ice fishing, Riding Mountain National Park permits snowmobiling only on Clear Lake. Walleye, northern pike, yellow perch, smallmouth bass, and lake whitefish are some species you could find whilst ice-fishing on Clear Lake. But, you should ensure to follow the park guidance and rules on fishing. Generally, as you hit the snow for various recreational purposes during winter, ensure to guard against fatigue, hypothermia and frostbite – your safety is your responsibility.

2. Go on a Weekend Getaway or Vacation With Your Partner

Going on a weekend getaway or vacation with your partner in Riding Mountain National Park is a perfect opportunity to improve the spark in your relationship, away from the normal day-to-day routine. With cabins such as Mod Bungalow, Retro Glam Cabin, Black Pine Lodge, or other properties of Bowerbird Stays near the Riding Mountain National Park, you and your partner will have the opportunity to do new and interesting things together and indulge in your relationship. There’s almost an endless list of fun things to do in Riding Mountain National Park.

You could go swimming with your partner in the Clear Lake, Lake Audy or Moon Lake, among others, or take in the spectacular sunset views on the patio of a cabin in the woods. The healthy sea air on your faces as you both walk bare-footed on the sandy beach on Clear Lake or when you get out on the trails to stroll, pedal or trot together will spice up your romance. Also, the comfort of the Bowerbird Stays cabins further provides the opportunity to enjoy indoor games with your lover.

3. Observe Wildlife in their Natural Habitat

The Riding Mountain National Park is home to a diverse population of plants and animals. If you are a wildlife watching enthusiast, the grassland and forest of Riding Mountain National Park will provide you with the opportunity to observe how animals behave in their natural habitat. Every year, tourists and residents alike, engage in wildlife watching when they visit the Riding Mountain National Park. To get closer to observing

how wildlife behaves and lives in their natural habitat, you could choose to hike any of the numerous trails in the park for wildlife watching. Examples of wildlife you are likely to encounter as you explore the park include black bear, beaver, mink, fisher, bison, white-tailed deer, fox, elk and coyote, including birds such as loons, eagles and osprey, among others. You could also take pictures of the wildlife if you wish but at a distance. You should never crowd, stalk, try to feed or follow wild animals into the bush. Remember, these are wild animals and should be treated with respect.

4. Set out on the Trails

What better way would give you the chance to take in the beauty of Riding Mountain National Park other than hiking the trails. In total, over 400km of trails are located within the park. Depending on your level of experience in hiking, you could try out easy trails which have little elevation or try moderate trails that feature elevated gains and steep sections. If you desire more adventure, horse riding, cycling and backcountry hiking are options to choose from. Discover the special Red Chairs as you hike throughout the park and observe wildlife in their natural habitat as you hike the exquisite surroundings of the park. Examples of trails to try out when you visit Riding Mountain National Park include Grey Owl, Gorge Creek, Brule, and many others.

5. Explore the Water Bodies in Riding Mountain National Park

There are numerous lakes and streams within the boundaries of the Riding Mountain National Park. Thus, these park waters offer visitors the opportunity to engage in a range of water-related recreational activities such as swimming, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, windsurfing, and water skiing, among other activities. Be sure to get your mandatory inspection on your watercraft before you launch on the park waters. Know you are responsible for your safety while in the park, so avoid areas with the potential of causing you harm. Clear Lake, Lake Audy, Lake Katherine, Lake Whirlpool, and Bob Hill Lake are some of the water bodies in the Riding Mountain National Park.

6. Enjoy Camping/Cabin With Your Loved Ones

You can take your family or friends camping in one of the various cabins near the Riding Mountain National Park. For example, the Modern Cabin in the Woods offers you and your family comfort away from home such as Wi-Fi, 5 bedrooms, stocked games and toys, a bright kitchen and space for a picnic under the stars with your loved ones. Surely, there are benefits to enjoy when you spend time connecting with nature and bonding with your loved ones – away from your normal routine.

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