Terms & Conditions

By completing a booking, the Guest agrees to abide and adhere to the following Terms and Conditions:

The number of occupants on the property shall not exceed the number stated (at any given time) in the request that was submitted and accepted at the time of booking. The Guest must not hold events (such as parties, celebrations or meetings) at the property without the advance written consent of the Owner. Any of these cases will allow the Owner to terminate the Agreement without providing a refund of any payment the Guest has paid for the booking and the Owner will not be legally responsible to find any alternative accommodation. Property insurance limits occupancy for several reasons, and it is therefore strictly prohibited to exceed the maximum number of guests allowed at the property.

i. The rental property, and all furniture, appliances, equipment, fixtures and effects in or about the premises, will be maintained in the same state and condition as found at the beginning of the rental.

ii. Any part or portion of the property, or any part or portion of furniture, appliances, equipment, fixtures or any effects in or about the premises that are damaged or destroyed will be deducted from the security deposit and/or credit card.

iii. The rental property will be promptly vacated at the end of the rental period, as per the designated check-out time, unless otherwise arranged and approved by the Bowerbird Stays team., prior to the rental commencing. Late departure will result in a deduction from the security deposit.

iv. Any damage(s) or concern(s) discovered upon arrival to the rental property shall be documented and reported immediately to the Bowerbird Stays team. The Bowerbird Stays team strongly encourages all Guests to conduct their own survey/assessment of the rental upon arrival.

v. Any problems, deficiencies or complaints with the rental property shall be communicated immediately, with photos provided.

vi. All cabin rental rules must be followed. If the Guest, or a member of the Guest’s group violates said rules, the following may apply:

1) A forfeit of security deposit (portion or full) at the discretion of the Bowerbird Stays team, if a violation results in: a complaint from a neighbour, illegal activity resulting in police involvement, or if the rental property is left in an unacceptable state, which includes but is not limited to: garbage not disposed of properly, alcohol containers/cigarette butts uncollected, burns and stains.

2) Guests may be asked to vacate the premises if behaviour is problematic, which includes but is not limited to environmental or wildlife endangerment; threatening or abusive behaviour resulting in bodily harm; excessive noise or property damage or exceeding guest maximum.

vii. The Guest must allow the Owner or their representative (including workmen), with reasonable notice, access to the property at any reasonable time during your stay (except in an emergency or if a problem needs sorting out quickly and you cannot be contacted in time. In these situations, the owner can enter the property at any time without giving you prior notice).

viii. All laws and bylaws must be followed at all times. It is the Guest’s responsibility to be informed, especially with noise and fire regulations, licensing and operation.

ix. Guests are not to leave their garbage outside as this could attract wildlife and compromise safety. Guests must properly dispose of all garbage and recycling as directed in the check in instructions.

x. Guests are prohibited from smoking inside the rental property, tobacco or otherwise, and are required to ensure all cigarette butts are properly extinguished and disposed of in the garbage safely. Failure to comply will result in a deduction or loss of the security deposit and/or a charge to the credit card.

xii. The use of tents, travel trailers and mobile homes are prohibited on the rental property.

xiii. Guests must park in the designated spaces provided.
Parking on lawns, in other neighbouring driveways or on septic beds is strictly prohibited.

xiv. Guests who have booked a pet-friendly rental must disclose the number of pets to the Bowerbird Stays team and pay the daily pet fee. The guest also agrees to remove all traces of the pet by removing hair from the furniture and picking up pet waste on the property.

xv. Guests who have booked a cabin with lake access are required by law to have a lifejacket or PFD (Personal Flotation Device) on board for each person on a watercraft . This includes human-powered craft.

i. The Bowerbird Stays team will process and handle each application as quickly as possible; however the Bowerbird Stays team cannot guarantee the acceptance of any particular application.

ii. The Bowerbird Stays team requires a 50% deposit (with credit card), at the time of reservation to secure the rental. The Guest becomes liable for the balance remaining for the full period of the named rental.

iii. The Guest shall abide by the payment schedule as outlined:
 50% of the balance is due immediately upon booking.
50% of the final balance is due on the day of check in.
All totals are displayed in CAD and payment will be collected by Stripe via Visa or Mastercard.

iv. A refundable Security Deposit is required. The Security Deposit is taken and held in trust until an inspection of the rental property can be completed, after check-out, to confirm that there is no loss or damage.
Cancellation/Refund Policy:

Bowerbird Stays Cancellation Policy:
Reservation Deposit:
Upon booking, Bowerbird Stays requires 50% of the total reservation cost to be paid
Cancellation 14 Days Before
If a cancellation is made at least 14 days before the scheduled stay, 50% of the reservation deposit will be refunded, minus a $50 administrative fee.
Cancellation 13 Days or Less

Before Stay:
Cancellations made 13 days or less before the scheduled stay will result in no refund of the 50% reservation deposit.
Remaining Balance:
The remaining 50% of the total reservation cost will be charged on the date of check-in.

Note: This cancellation policy is applicable to all reservations made with Bowerbird Stays. Bowerbird Stays reserves the right to modify this policy at its discretion. It is recommended to review this policy carefully before making a reservation.

i. The Bowerbird Stays team, reserves the right to consider the rental cancelled in the following circumstances:

1) If the Guest provides written notification of cancellation

2) If the guest fails to provide an acceptable form of payment upon reservation or if the credit card declines.
* In the event that the booking is cancelled, the Bowerbird Stays team, without being obliged to do so, may attempt to rebook the property.

ii. If the rental property has been damaged by unforeseen circumstances, such as fire or flood, or acts of nature, and has been deemed “not rentable” the Bowerbird Stays team will make every effort to find another suitable alternative rental for the rental period. In the event that the Bowerbird Stays team is unable to find another option, the agreement shall become null and void and all payments will be refunded to the Guest.

iii. If the property has been subject to power of sale action, the Bowerbird Stays team will make every effort to find another suitable alternative rental for the rental period. In the event that the Bowerbird Stays team is unable to find another option, the agreement shall become null and void and all payments will be refunded to the Guest.

iv. If there are inconveniences during the cabin rental due to appliance failure, technical difficulties or hydro disruptions/outages, no refunds or discounts will be given. The Bowerbird Stays team will make every effort to assist and solve these problems within reasonable means. Please be advised due to extreme temperatures our sauna and hot tubs may be sensitive to winter weather. Please reach out closer to your stay to see if our saunas or hot tubs are in working condition.

v. If there is a violation of the Terms and Conditions by all or some Guests, the Bowerbird Stays team, reserves the right to refuse entry to the rental premises. The Bowerbird Stays team has zero tolerance for infringement of the Terms and Conditions; including, but not limited to aggressive and unruly behaviour, and will not provide a refund. Please be advised due to extreme temperatures our sauna and hot tubs may be sensitive to winter weather. Please reach out closer to your stay to see if our saunas or hot tubs are in working condition.

Security Deposit:
i. The Bowerbird Stays team shall be entitled to collect from the Guest a returnable deposit as security for the undertaking of the rental. The Security Deposit can be fully forfeited should the Guest violate the terms and conditions of the Vacation Rental Agreement. The security deposit will be held on the card from the date of stay and returned no later than 7 days after the checkout date. This window of time after checkout allows sufficient time to determine damages by our cleaning team and staff.

ii. Accidental Damage Insurance covers any small unintentional damages that occur during the period of the rental. The Guest may be asked about the circumstances around the damage.

iii. The Bowerbird Stays team reserves the right to be the final arbiter in any malicious damage claims made by the Owner(s), and to determine the amount of any full or partial payment to the owner(s) made from this deposit.

iv. The Guest shall be solely responsible for any and all malicious damages caused, long distance phone or internet charges incurred, regardless of which Guest caused or incurred the damage or charges and why, during the rental period.

v. The Guest shall advise the Bowerbird Stays team, immediately of any problems, deficiencies or concerns with the rental property, and is encouraged to document such issues to avoid penalty. Additionally, Guests must also disclose any concerns or damage, should anything arise during the rental period.

vi. The Guest shall not exceed the maximum occupancy of the rental property, or exceed the number stated in the rental application form that was submitted and approved. Failure to comply will result in forfeit of the security deposit.

The Bowerbird Stays team:

i. Acts solely as an agent for the Owner(s) of the cabin and assumes no responsibility, and gives no warranty whatsoever as to the state of the property. Information provided by the Owner(s), online or in print, is true and accurate at the time of publication. Changes may occur at any time and the Bowerbird Stays team will not be liable for changes or inconvenience.

ii. Accepts no liability for any act, neglect or default, on the part of the Owner(s), or any other person.

iii. Accepts no liability for any loss, damage, expense, accident, injury or inconvenience, whether to personal or property.

iv. Shall not be responsible for death, personal injury or loss of any kind, no matter the cause, which are incurred by any, or all, of the Guests, or their pets, who are on the premises of the rental property during the rental period.

v. Shall not be responsible for interruptions that may impede Guests’ cabin rental experience, such as, but not limited to: construction noise, inclement weather, hydro outages, theft, allergies, noise violations and traffic during the rental period.

The Guest:

i. Agrees to read, understand and adhere to the Terms and Conditions outlined by the Bowerbird Stays team, on behalf of the Owner(s).

ii. Agrees to accept all potential risks associated with a cabin rental, including, but not limited to: slips, trips, falls; indoor and outdoor activities; native insects and wildlife, recreational equipment operation, or any other risks not stated, are the sole responsibility of the Guest.

iii. Agrees to take precautionary measures to reduce risks and prevent accident, injury or property damage.

iv. Agrees to abide by any reasonable household rules posted at the cabin.

v. Agrees to inform all members of their party to be familiar with all Terms and Conditions pertaining to the rental.

Privacy Policy:

i. Protecting personal information is a priority and company policy. The Bowerbird Stays team respects privacy and upholds confidentiality at all times.

ii. The Bowerbird Stays team is committed to providing exceptional service and professional integrity.

iii. All information is kept confidential and is not made available to anyone outside of the company, and will only be used for the purposes for which it was collected.

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